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November 3rd  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Jane Richards. All Saints Day.

Service not recorded, technical error

October 27th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Bible Sunday.

October 20th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Healing service.

October 16th  (2019)

Sermon 9:30am Gavin Foster. Why is the God of the Old Testament so angry?.

Wednesday service: only the sermon recorded.

October 13th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am David Isherwood. Jeremiah - Dogged does it; loitering with intent.

Sermon Series on Jeremiah: The Conclusion

October 6th  (2019)

Sermon 10:00am Ian Coombs and Gavin Foster. Harvest Festival.

September 29th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Jeremiah - The Beginning of Hope.

Sermon Series on Jeremiah: a prophet of hope

September 22nd  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Jane Richards. Jeremiah is hurting for h is people.

Sermon Series on Jeremiah: a prophet of hope

September 15th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Adrian Head. Justice and Judgement.

Sermon Series on Jeremiah: a prophet of hope

September 8th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Mike Moritz. Cracked Cisterns or Living Water.

Sermon Series on Jeremiah: a prophet of hope

September 4th  (2019)

Sermon 9:30am Gavin Foster. What is the Church for?.

(With help from Birinus.) (No service recording.)

September 1st  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Ann Boggust. The Potter and the Clay.

Sermon Series on Jeremiah: a prophet of hope (No. 2)

August 25th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am David Isherwood. The Call of Jeremiah.

Sermon Series on Jeremiah: a prophet of hope (No. 1)

August 18th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. The Eucharistic Prayer.

Sermon Series on Prayer - No. 8 (Final)

August 11th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Spiritual Warfare: Deliver us from evil.

Sermon Series on Prayer - No. 7

August 4th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Jane Richards. Listening: Give us this day our daily bread.

Sermon Series on Prayer - No. 6

July 28th  (2019)

Sermon 10:45am Mike Moritz. Unanswered Prayer: Silence.

Sermon Series on Prayer - No. 5

Sermon 9:15am Jane Richards. Unanswered Prayer: Your will be done.

Sermon Series on Prayer - No. 5

July 21st  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Intercession: Give us a soft heart.

Sermon Series on Prayer - No. 4

July 14th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am David Isherwood. Petition: Give us this day.

Sermon Series on Prayer - No. 3

July 7th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Mike Moritz. Adoration: Our Father in Heaven (Re-recorded separately later).

Sermon Series on Prayer - No. 2)

June 30th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Prayer is the Gateway.

Sermon Series on Prayer - No. 1

June 23rd  (2019)

Sermon 10:00am Gavin Foster. No Recording.

June 16th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. The Holy Trinity and the Bible.

June 9th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. The Coming of the Holy Spirit.

June 2nd  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Jan Wilson. The Ascension and the Commissioning of Disciples.

May 26th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am David Isherwood. The Road to Emmaus.

Resurrection Ecncounters

May 19th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am David Wilson. Jesus and Peter.

Resurrection Encounters

May 12th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Jane Richards. Jane Richards 25 yrs - Resurrection Fishing.

Unfortunately the Gospel reading failed to record.

May 5th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Resurrection Encounters - Thomas.

Unfortunately this service was not recorded and we apologise for this.

April 28th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Resurrection Encounters - Mary Magdelene.

April 21st  (2019)

Sermon 10:00am Gavin Foster. Easter Sunday - Resurrection Encounters.

April 14th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. No-palm Sunday.

April 10th  (2019)

Sermon 9:30am Gavin Foster. Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego and the fiery furnace.

Daniel 3

April 7th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Jane Richards. Righteousness through faith.

March 31st  (2019)

Sermon 10:00am Jim Wood. Mothering Sunday - Nurturing.

March 24th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Rev David Isherwood. Living Good and Holy Lives.

Regrettably the recorder failde to record this service.

March 20th  (2019)

Sermon 9:30am Rev Gavin Foster. The Lost One.

Wednesday Communion. Sermon only recorded.

March 17th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Rev Gavin Foster. Citizens of Heaven.

March 10th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Rev Matthew Coombs. How can I be saved?.

March 3rd  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Peter Coombs. Adult Baptisms.

Sermon 8:00am Gavin Foster. Borders and the Transfiguration.

February 24th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am David Isherwood. One Day.

The recording starts at the beginning of David's sermon where he is talking about a book called 'One Day'.

February 17th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Jan Wilson. Why should the poor be blessed?.

February 10th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Amy Webb. Doing what Jesus says.

Taking the next step.

February 3rd  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Are we missing the point?.

We are the light.

January 27th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am David Wilson. Lest we forget.

January 20th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. How to read the Bible.

January 13th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Who do you think you are?.

or: The Dementia Clinic.

January 6th  (2019)

Sermon 9:15am David Isherwood. Where's Jesus? Who is he?.

or: The Jogger.


December 30th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am David Wilson. Children In The Way.

December 23rd  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Peter Coombs. Support, Encouragement and Sharing.

or: The Paper-boy.

December 16th  (2018)

Sermon 10:00am Lewis Jones. Jusus' Birth.

December 9th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Amy Webb. Crying in the Wilderness.

December 2nd  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Jane Richards. Happy New Year.

November 25th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Jan Wilson. Princes and Princesses on God's HGV.

November 18th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Victor Lindblom. To Be Human Is Not Always Easy.

November 11th  (2018)

Sermon 10:15am Lewis Jones and John Maybury. Remembrance Sunday.

November 4th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am David Isherwood. Revelation 21. A new heaven and a new earth.

October 28th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am David Wilson. Bible Sunday.

October 21st  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Jane Richards. Job Done.

October 14th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Raging against the machine!.

Unfortuantely this service and its sermon were not recorded; for which we apologise.

October 7th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am David Isherwood. What a good Job!.

September 30th  (2018)

Sermon 10:00am Lewis Jones. God's Goodness.

September 23rd  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am A.H. Regrettably this service was not recorded.

September 16th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Amy Webb. Proverbs - Call of Wisdom.

September 9th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Ephesians-Part 7 - Spiritual Battle.

September 2nd  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am David Isherwood. Ephesians - Part 6 - Sacred Songs.

August 26th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am David Wilson. Ephesians - Part 5 - The Whole Thing.

August 19th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Amy Webb. Ephesians - Part 4 - Unity in Diversity.

August 12th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Ephesians - Part 3 - Super Abundance.

August 5th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Jan Wilson. Ephesians - Part 2 - Be Sure.

July 29th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Jane Richards. Ephesians - Part 1 of a new Series - A Mission Statement.

July 22nd  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am David Wilson. Poverty and Injustice.

July 15th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am . Gratitude - Regrettably neither the service nor the sermon were recorded owing to a technical fault.

July 8th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Amy Webb. Our Generous Response.

July 1st  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Trevor Pritchard. Simplicity and Contentment - Walking the Camino.

June 24th  (2018)

Sermon 10:00am Gavin Foster. Patronal Festival - The Goodness of God.

June 20th  (2018)

Sermon 9:30am Gavin Foster. The secret disciplines: fasting, prayer and giving (#4 in a series about Holiness).

June 17th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Being an apprentice of Jesus: the spiritual disciplines (#3 in a series about Holiness).

June 10th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Politics and Religion. (#2 in a series about Holiness).

June 3rd  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Be Perfect. (#1 in a series about Holiness).

May 27th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Peter Coombs. In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

May 20th  (2018)

Sermon 10:00am Gavin Foster. Pentecost and the Holy Spirit.

May 13th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Jane Richards. The Liberation of St Peter.

May 6th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Bob Thomas. Inclusion, Breadth, Hospitality and Iona.

April 29th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Amy Webb and Gavin Foster. Questions do you understand?.

April 22nd  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Be bold.

April 15th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Various. Presentaion re a Children and Families Team Leader.

April 1st  (2018)

Sermon 10:00am Gavin Foster. Easter Sunday.

March 25th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am David Wilson. Palm Sunday.

March 18th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Peter Coombs. The Personal Pronoun.

March 11th  (2018)

Sermon 10:00am Gavin Foster and Amy Webb. Mothering Sunday.

March 4th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Changing the world.

February 25th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Adrian Head. Psalm 22, a song of lament. (Try playing Adrian's game!).

February 18th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am David Isherwood. All of life is a pain.

February 11th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Be like a stick of rock.

February 4th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. In The Beginning.

January 28th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Big Brother.

January 21st  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am David Isherwood. Beginning at the end.

January 14th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Jane Richards. Nathaniel.

Unfortuantely this service and its sermon were not recorded.

January 7th  (2018)

Sermon 9:15am Amy Webb. The Wise Men.


December 31st  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am David Wilson. Go, see, tell.

Unfortuantely this service and its sermon were not recorded.

December 24th  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. The waiting continues.

December 17th  (2017)

Sermon 10:00am Gavin Foster. A great journey.

December 10th  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Desert times.

December 3rd  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am Jan Wilson. Advent means being prepared.

November 19th  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am Amy Webb. Use your talents.

November 12th  (2017)

Sermon 10:00am Amy Webb and gavin Foster. Remembrance Sunday Service - Be Prepared.

November 5th  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am Amy Webb. Sermon not recorded owing to a technical error.

October 29th  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am David Isherwood. Nehemiah and the Bible Society - Bible Sunday.

October 22nd  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. The Joy of Giving.

October 15th  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Healing.

October 8th  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am Jane Richards. Paul and the Philippians.

October 1st  (2017)

Sermon 10:00am Gavin Foster. Count your blessings with pipe-cleaners, playdough and clouds.

September 24th  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Who are the Workers in the Vineyard?.

September 17th  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am Jane Richards. Psalm 122 - House of the Lord.

September 10th  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am Amy Webb. Psalm 128 - Walk in God's Ways.

September 3rd  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am James Megoran. Rely on God.

This sermon is not available on the web but on a CD in the Church Office.

August 27th  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am David Wilson. Ermintrude and the Psalms.

August 20th  (2017)


August 13th  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am David Wilson. Jacob, Sheep and Goats.

August 6th  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. The Transfiguration and the Presence of God..

July 30th  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am . Regrettably no recording was made of this service..

July 23rd  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Jacob's Ladder.

July 16th  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am David Wilson. Jacob Steals the Inheritance.

July 9th  (2017)

Sermon 10:45am Gavin Foster. Jacob.

Owing to a failure of the recording machine at 9:15, the recording this week is of the 10:45 Informal Service.

July 2nd  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am Jan Wilson. Descendents of Abraham.

June 25th  (2017)

Sermon 11:00am Gavin Foster. Mercy and Truth - Restoration is the Goal.

June 18th  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. The King is Near.

June 11th  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Trinity Sunday.

June 4th  (2017)

Sermon 10:00am Ian Coombs. Life of the Spirit -- Wind and Fire -- Pentecost.

May 28th  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Life of the Spirit -- Jesus ascending into heaven.

May 21st  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Life of the Spirit -- Paul and the unknown God.

May 14th  (2017)

Sermon 10:45am Mike Seddon. Stephen the coffee bean.

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Life of the Spirit -- The stoning of Stephen.

May 7th  (2017)

Sermon 10:00am Gavin Foster. Easter Perspective.

April 30th  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am Gavin Foster. Repent and be Baptised.

April 23rd  (2017)

Sermon 9:15am Jim Wood. Doubting Thomas.

April 16th  (2017)

Sermon 9:30am Gavin Foster. Power and Authority (Easter Day).

April 9th  (2017)

Sermon 9:30am David Wilson. Palm Sunday.

April 2nd  (2017)

Sermon 9:30am Jim Wood. Led by the Spirit.

March 26th  (2017)

Sermon 9:30am Gavin Foster. Mothering in the Church.

March 19th  (2017)

Sermon 9:30am Gavin Foster. The Commitment of Baptism.

March 12th  (2017)

Sermon 9:30am Jane Richards. Night Terrors.

March 5th  (2017)

Sermon 9:30am Mike Seddon. Friends are hard to come by.

February 26th  (2017)

Sermon 9:30am Peter Coombs. Who's son was he?.

February 19th  (2017)

Sermon 9:30am Gavin Foster. Don't worry!.

February 12th  (2017)

Sermon 9:30am Jane Richards. The sharp end of the Sermon on the Mount.

February 5th  (2017)

Sermon 9:30am Ian Coombs. Make a Difference.

Jesus told us to be the salt of the earth.

January 29th  (2017)

Sermon 9:30am Jim Wood. The Big Picture.

The presentation of Jesus at the temple - what did Simeon and Anna expect?

January 22nd  (2017)

Sermon 9:30am Jan Wilson. Follow me.

January 15th  (2017)

Sermon 9:30am Marcus Throup. "That Guy".

The sermon recording includes the short interview with Marcus early in the service to introduce him.

January 8th  (2017)

Sermon 9:30am Peter Coombs. The gifts of the Three Kings.

January 1st  (2017)

Sermon 9:30am Gavin Foster. Life is messy.


December 25th  (2016)

Sermon 10:00am Gavin Foster. No recording was made of the Christmas Morning Service.

December 18th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Gavin Foster. Good News.

December 11th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am David Isherwood. Great Expectations.

December 4th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Ian Coombs. Turning into an elephant.

November 27th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Jan Wilson. Picking Cotton.

November 20th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Gavin Foster. Christ the King.

November 13th  (2016)

Sermon 9:45am Gavin Foster. Remembrance Sunday.

Remembering in the Bible.

November 6th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Mike Seddon. Jam and The Tower of Babel.

This sermon suffered from some technical difficulties with the microphones, for which we apologise.

October 30th  (2016)

Sermon 6:30pm Peter Coombs. A Christian's View of Death.

Peter talks about the recent death of his wife Catherine.
Peter's talk is followed by the reading out of the names of those commemorated.

Sermon 9:30am Ian Coombs. Who are your heroes?.

Unfortunately this sermon and service were not recorded.

October 23rd  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Jane Richards. My Bible Collection.

My Bible Collection

October 16th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Gavin Foster. Healing.

No recording was made of Gavin's sermon for reasons of confidentiality

October 9th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Jan Wilson. Gratitude - Regrettably neither the service nor the sermon were recorded owing to a technical fault.

October 2nd  (2016)

Sermon 10:00am Jim Wood. Use your talents.

September 25th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am David Wilson. We are the hope on earth.

September 18th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Peter Coombes. Why we should go to Waitrose.

September 11th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Gavin Foster. Find the Lost.

September 4th  (2016)

Sermon 4:00pm Bishop Christopher. Gavin's Installation - Available on CD from the Church Office.

August 28th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am David Isherwood. Table manners.

August 21st  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Bob Thomas. A day of rest.

August 14th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Jeremy Hicks. The bed-pan of faith.

August 7th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Charlie Peer. The lost sheep.

July 31st  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am David Isherwood. Bigger Barns.

July 24th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Bob Thomas. The Lord's Prayer.

July 17th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Rachel Abbey. Unfinished embroidery.

July 10th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Jane Richards. Sea Sunday - Is Jonah relevant today?.

July 3rd  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am David and Jan Wilson. All Age Worship -- SORRY THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE -- the sermon was not recorded owing to a technical issue.

Sermon 9:30am David and Jan Wilson. All Age Worship -- SORRY THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE -- the sermon was not recorded owing to a technical issue.

June 19th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Jude Gardner. Solent MIND.

June 12th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Anne Boggust. The Queen and the Hand of God. NOT ON LINE BUT AVAILABLE ON CD FROM THE OFFICE.

June 5th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Jim Wood. God knows us.

May 29th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Mike Seddon. Trusting God.

May 22nd  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Peter Coombes. Trinity Sunday - The Importance of Being With.

May 15th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Colin Chambers. The Power of Pentecost and of Forgiveness.

May 8th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am David Wilson. PCC Commissioning.

May 1st  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Ian Coombes. Make time for God.

April 24th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Jan Wilson. Don't get distracted.

April 17th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Bob Thomas. The nature of sheep.

April 10th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Max Millet. Getting rid of shame and guilt.

April 3rd  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Mike Seddon. Seeing is believing.

March 27th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Ros Nichols. Easter Sunday; Resurrection.

March 20th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am David Wilson. Palm Sunday; Something to shout about.

March 13th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Rev Rosie Hoad. Extravagance.

March 6th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Unknown. No recording.

February 28th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am John Maybury. One last chance.

February 21st  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Bishop Christopher Foster. Bishop's Lent Appeal Charities 2016.

February 14th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Henry Rattle. Resisting Temptation.

February 7th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Ian Coombs and Other Church Groups. The Lord's Prayer.

January 31st  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Anne Boggust. Candlemass - The light that doesn't go out.

January 24th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am James Hair. Breakthrough or Breakdown?.

January 17th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Ros Nichols. The wedding at Cana.

January 10th  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am David Lindsay. Why was Jesus Baptised?.

January 3rd  (2016)

Sermon 9:30am Faith Gordon. Epiphany and Missionary Work in Recife, Brazil.


December 27th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Jane Richards. Sharing God's Divinity.

December 25th  (2015)

Sermon 10:00am Mike Seddon. This Service Was Not Recorded.

December 20th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Jan Wilson. There was no sermon at this service.

December 13th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Rev Susan Allman. Co-workers with God.

December 6th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Ian Coombs. An Important Visitor.

November 29th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Ian Coombs. Remembering.

November 22nd  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Anthony Rustell. Christ the King.

November 15th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Deanne Coombs and Karen Deacon. News about the Vacancy.

November 8th  (2015)

Sermon 9:45am Jane Richards. Remembrance Sunday.

November 1st  (2015)

Sermon 6:30pm Ros Nichols. Talk and Reading of Names.

Sermon 9:30am Jackie Forsyth. Real Life Saints.

October 25th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Jane Richards. Make Connections.

October 18th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am David Wilson et al. Healing.

October 11th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Deanne Coombs and Nigel Deacon. Stewardship Presentation.

October 4th  (2015)

Sermon 10:00am Jim Wood. Sowing Seeds.

September 27th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Charlie Peer. Being Open.

September 20th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Anne Boggust. Draw Near to God and He will Draw Hear to You. NOT ON LINE BUT AVAILABLE ON CD FROM THE OFFICE.

September 6th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Charles Sugden. .

August 30th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am David Wilson. Jesus brings Love, Joy and Peace.

August 23rd  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Charles Sugden. A Message of Mystery and Marvel.

August 16th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Ven Gavin Collins. What are you basing your life on?.

August 9th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am John Maybury. Viciousness, Vivacity, Victory.

August 2nd  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Charles Sugden. Service held Outdoors - NO RECORDING MADE.

July 26th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Jan Wilson. Strengthened by Love.

July 19th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Charles Sugden and Others. Experiences of God.

July 12th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Anne Boggust. John the Baptist.

July 5th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Mike Seddon. Listening to God.

June 28th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Charles Sugden. The Importance of Being Earnest.

June 21st  (2015)

Sermon 10:00am Charles Sugden. John the Baptist. Praying and Waiting.

June 14th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am David Wilson. God's Appointed.

June 7th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Ian Coombs. You Shall Not Be Overcome.

May 31st  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Charles Sugden. Sermon for Trinity Sunday.

May 24th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Charles Sugden. Pentecost. -- SORRY THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE -- the sermon was not recorded owing to a technical issue. The issue was corrected 25 May.

May 17th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am David Wilson. Acts 1: 15-end; 1 John 5: 11-end. What is Ascension about? -- SORRY THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE -- the sermon was not recorded owing to a technical issue. The issue was corrected 25 May.

May 10th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Peter Coombs. The love of a friend.

May 3rd  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Charles Sugden. I am the vine.

April 26th  (2015)

Sermon 8:00am Anne Boggust. Lent Series 2015 "The Creed" - #8 (of 8) - I Believe in the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting. 1 Thess 4: 13 - 18; Luke 20: 27 - 40. --- NOT AVAILABLE ON THE WEB SITE BUT ON CD BY REQUEST TO THE OFFICE.

April 19th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Charles Sugden. Lent Series 2015 "The Creed" - #7 (of 8) - I Believe in the holy catholic church. Luke 24: 44 - 53.

April 12th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Henry Rattle. Lent Series 2015 "The Creed" - #6 (of 8) - I Believe in the Holy Spirit. Acts 4: 32 - 35 John 14: 15 - 26.

April 5th  (2015)

Sermon 10:00am Charles Sugden. Easter Day. Lent Series 2015 "The Creed" - #5 (of 8) - Jesus ...rose again, ascended into heaven, and will come again to judge. Mark 16: 1 - 20.

April 3rd  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Jim Wood. Good Friday. Punctuation.

March 29th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Bishop Bob Evens. Palm Sunday. The Courage, Simplicity, Humility and Love of Jesus.

March 22nd  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Jan Wilson. Lent Series 2015 "The Creed" - #4 (of 8) - Jesus Christ...suffered, was crucified, died, was buried and descended to the dead. Jonah 2: 1 - 10 and John 12: 20 - 36a.

March 15th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Peter Coombs. Lent Series 2015 "The Creed" - #3 (of 8) - I Believe in Jesus Christ, His only Son. Luke 2: 1 - 7 and John 19: 25.

March 8th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Charles Sugden. Lent Series 2015 "The Creed" - #2 (of 8) - I Believe in God, the Father Almighty. Hosea 11 : 1 - 9 and Matthew 26 : 36 - 46.

March 1st  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Mike Seddon. Trusting God - Abraham shows us the way.

February 22nd  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am John Maybury. Lent Series 2015 "The Creed" - #1 (of 8) - I Believe in God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Genesis 1 : 1 - 5, 26 - 2 : 3 and Matthew 6 : 25 - 34.

February 15th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Charles Sugden. Shedding Light on the Gospel.

February 8th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Henry Rattle. Three Little Words.

February 1st  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Steve Wall. The Donkey and the Lion.

January 25th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Charles Sugden. Know Your End game.

January 18th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Russ Parker. The Healing Power of Jesus.

January 11th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am John Maybury. Epiphany - Signposts and Decisions.

January 4th  (2015)

Sermon 9:30am Ian Coombs. A Different Road Home.


December 28th  (2014)

Sermon 9:30am David Wilson. The Innocents.

December 25th  (2014)

Sermon 10:00am Charles Sugden. The Christmas Story.

December 21st  (2014)

Sermon 9:30am Peter Coombs. The Child of Bethlehem.

December 14th  (2014)

Sermon 9:30am Henry Rattle and Charles Sugden. Nativity with Play.

December 7th  (2014)

Sermon 9:30am Charles Sugden. Christingle.

November 30th  (2014)

Sermon 09:30 Charles Sugden. Keep Awake.

November 23rd  (2014)

Sermon 09:30 Peter Coombs. The State of the Nation.

November 16th  (2014)

Sermon 09:30 Faith Gordon. CMS.

November 9th  (2014)

Sermon 09:45 David Wilson. Remembrance.

November 2nd  (2014)

Sermon 18:30pm: Charles Sugden. God raises the dead.

Sermon 09:30am: Jim Wood. God shines a light on our sins.

October 26th  (2014)

Sermon 09:30am: Charles Sugden. Questioning; and sharing our faith.

October 19th  (2014)

Sermon 09:30am: Peter Coombes. God's Healing Touch.

October 12th  (2014)

Sermon 09:30am: Anne Boggust "Few are chosen" --- NOT AVAILABLE ON THE WEB SITE BUT ON CD BY REQUEST TO THE OFFICE

October 5th  (2014)

Sermon 09:30am: Henry Rattle "Harvest Festival"

September 28th  (2014)

Sermon 09:30am: David Wilson "Work in the vineyard"

September 21st  (2014)

Sermon 09:30am: Peter Coombes "Giving"

September 14th  (2014)

Sermon 09:30am: Charles Sugden "Forgiving"

September 7th  (2014)

Sermon 09:30am: Ian Coombes "Rough Waters"

August 31st  (2014)

Sermon 09:30am: Ann Boggust "Lectionary"

August 24th  (2014)

Sermon 09:30am: 2 Tim 3:14-17 + Heb 4:12 "How to read the Bible". Henry Rattle.

August 17th  (2014)

Sermon 09:30am: Charles Sugden "Other Faiths"

August 10th  (2014)

Sermon 09:30am: Jan Wilson "Trust"

August 3rd  (2014)

Sermon 11:00am: David Wilson "WW1 Memorial Service"

July 27th  (2014)

Sermon 09:30am: David Wilson "Angels"

July 20th  (2014)

Sermon 09:30am: Charles Sugden "Angels"

July 13th  (2014)

Sermon 09:30am: Henry Rattle "Sea Sunday"

July 6th  (2014)

Sermon 09:30am: Mike Seddon "Heavy Load"

June 29th  (2014)

Sermon 09:30am: Charles Sugden "Prayer"

June 22nd  (2014)

Sermon 11:30am: Charles Sugden

June 15th  (2014)

Sermon 9:30am: Russ Parker (visitor)

June 8th  (2014)

Sermon 9:30am: Charles Sugden. Pentecost. Acts 2:1-21 + John 20:19-23.

June 1st  (2014)

Sermon 9:30am: Steve Wall. The Ascension.

May 25th  (2014)

Sermon 9:30am: 1 Peter 3:13-22 + John 14:15-21. Charles Sugden.

May 18th  (2014)

Sermon 9:30am: Peter Coombs

May 11th  (2014)

Sermon 9:30am: Charles Sugden

May 4th  (2014)

Sermon 9:30am: Charles Sugden

April 27th  (2014)

Sermon 9:30am: David Wilson

April 20th  (2014)

Sermon 9:30am: Charles Sugden

April 13th  (2014)

Sermon 9:30am: John Maybury

April 6th  (2014)

Sermon 11:00am: Lent Series 5 of 5 - Surprised by Joy. Dealing with sin day and night. Matt 18:21-35 + Heb 10:19-26. Charles Sugden.

Sermon 9:30am: Jim Wood

March 30th  (2014)

Sermon 9:30am: Lent Series 4 of 5 - Great Expectations. How Christ took our sins. 1 John 1:5-22 + John 12:20-36. Charles Sugden.

March 23rd  (2014)

Sermon 9:30am: Jan Wilson

March 16th  (2014)

Sermon 9:30am: Lent Series 3 of 5 - The Great Divorce. James 1:12-15 + Luke 1:67-79. Henry Rattle.

March 9th  (2014)

Sermon 9:30am: Lent Series 2 of 5 - Hard Times. The Power of Sin. Romans 7:7-25. Charles Sugden.

March 2nd  (2014)

Sermon 9:30am: Lent Series 1 of 5 - The Thorn in the Flesh. Ps.51 + John 10:7-15. Charles Sugden.